Body Shop Services

In the event of a Catastrophic Hail storm your body shop will need to align itself with a Paintless Dent Repair provider that can help maximize, time, space and profitability. Hail damage repair provides an outstanding opportunity for additional profitability in body shops, however, the work is both challenging and time consuming and not all PDR suppliers are equal. Dent Tech’s extensive experience working within Body shops across the country can help keep your work flow moving steadily while handling a large number of claims. We offer full appraisal service and our qualified staff can train your appraisers to properly estimate hail damage under the right conditions; keeping your credibility with your insurance partners. We can supply one or multiple technicians to complete repairs within your facility or provide off site PDR repairs should your facility not have the space. We provide onsite management to alleviate the large influx of appraisals and repairs associated with a hail storm and to ensure both your insurance partners and your retail customers have the most efficient experience possible. Our track record proves that we can do the job better and more efficiently than other PDR suppliers and we remain on the job until all repairs have been completed.

Dent Tech Inc. is an industry leader and has the resources to adequately staff repairs even in the face of substantial hail damage – making us a leading provider of PDR services for body shops nationwide.