Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance rates change?

Answer: A hail damage claim falls under comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive claims do not have a direct affect on your insurance rates.

How much will repairs cost?

Answer: As an insured motorist you are responsible for deductible as stated in your automobile insurance policy. As an uninsured motorist you are responsible for full repair costs.

How long will it take to repair my car?

Answer: A typical hail damage repair will take approximately 3 days.

Will I be without transportation?

Answer: As an insured motorist you may have rental coverage providing you a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. if yo do not have rental coverage we can assist with replacement transportation.

Will this claim depreciate my cars value?

Answer: A comprehensive claim will appear on a future damage search (eg: Car Proof) but not repairing the damage will affect the cars value. It is best to repair the damage to maintain the highest resale value of the vehicle.

Does this affect the factory paint finish warranty?

Answer: As no sanding, filler or paint is used in Paintless Dent Repair process (PRD), the factory finish is untouched and shouldn’t affect the integrity or the paint or its warranty.

Do I have to claim this damage?

Answer: Please refer to your provincial legislation for requirements to disclose this type of damage. In most cases it will appear on damage reports if the damage exceeds minimum values.

What happens if i do not repair the damage?

Answer: Provincial legislation require that Insurance companies honor claims for a predetermined and specific time period following a storm.failure to file within that period can result in a denied repair claim. A vehicle that is not repaired could be subject to resale or trade devaluation accordingly.

What is PDR?

Answer: PDR is paintless dent removal process that removes hail damage without the need for tradition body work. Without using paint or fillers. Our technicians use specially designed tools that are applied to the inside of the vehicle panels and gently massage the metal back to its original form.

What are the Benifits of PDR?

Answer: Maintain original paint finish
Answer: Maintain factory paint warranty
Answer: Maintain vehicle value (no depreciation)
Answer: 3 day* turn around for PDR repairs.
Answer: Environmentally friendly Answer: Our work has a lifetime guaranteed and approved by ALL insurance companies

*Note: If replacement parts (ie: Hood Replacement), body work (dents that cannot be fixed by PDR) and or paint is required, repair times will vary)

By Submitting a claim will my premiums go up?

Answer: No, it won’t affect your premium*. A hail claim falls under comprehensive coverage; like an act of God scenarios, (wind/hail/flood). In this case your premium will not change.

*Note: Check with your insurance agent for confirmation

Do you cover deductible?

Answer: We can reduce or eliminate your deductible based on the value of your claim. See our Hail Team Reps for details. In the situation, where we can reduce your deductible, you will be responsible for the balance upon completion of repair.

What if I cannot afford to pay my deductible?

Answer: Book an appointment, we can provide a free inspection and our reps can determine how to assist you with repair.

Do you cover the full cost of vehicle rental?

Answer: Yes, not only will we arrange for you to get a rental vehicle at the time you drop your vehicle for repairs, we work closely with the rental company to get you a comparable vehicle. The cost of your rental is covered by the insurance company. Although if you don’t have coverage, no need to worry, we will offer a courtesy vehicle.

What if I have received a cheque from my insurance company already and want to pay cash for my repair or complete only partial repairs?

Answer: It is ok for customer to pay cash for the hail damage repairs, once you have scheduled an appointment you will meet with one of our appraisers to assess amount of damage to determine the cost to repair damage for entire vehicle or selected panels.