Terms and Conditions

Under the Dent Guard Program, Dent Tech Inc. will provide complementary “warranty” coverage for one free “toonie”-size paintless dent repair on the vehicle’s vertical panels ONLY (fenders, doors, and quarter panels), but excluding the following:

  • Any loss or damage that is deemed non repairable (at the sole discretion of Dent Tech technician), including but not limited to:  Large, sharp and or deep dents with paint damage cracked or scratched, dents that are inaccessible due to the installation of after market equipment, metal or where manufacturer bracing does not allow for the dent removal process.
  • Any repair, if performed, could in any way damage the vehicle’s paint or finish.
  • Any damage when the vehicle delivery date occurs after the first 365 days of ownership.
  • Dent Tech’s “warranty” is non-transferable and will not be honored if vehicle is sold or transferred out of the original customer’s name prior to expiration of the warranty period.