Dent Tech Does a Hail of a Job! – Canadian Auto

Spring is here and with it comes thunderstorms, wind, rain and damaging hail. Hail season can start as early as March and continue into October. Environment Canada warns that hailstorms can occur anywhere in Canada. The most frequent incidences are in the Prairies provinces, Ontario and Quebec.

Automotive Dealers are vulnerable to catastrophic damage, as most dealers keep their inventories outside.

Dent Tech Inc, with offices in Toronto and Calgary, has helped dealerships across the country repair their inventories, capturing retail repair business in the process, turning a disaster into a profitable opportunity.

Warren Bell is president of Dent Tech, a Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) company, specializing in hail damage repair. He and his staff can work onsite at the dealership to repair inventories, easing the dealer through the entire process. PDR reduces the need for traditional body shop repairs, Bell says, in most cases there is no need for paint or replacement of body panels.

“Our skilled PDR technicians have many years of experience repairing all makes and models.” He explains “the process involves our specially designed tools that are applied to the inside of the vehicles panels, slowly massaging the metal back to its original shape. The PDR process allows us to repair the vehicle without compromising the factory paint finish, avoiding costly depreciation.”

He says his company can handle all insurance claims, whether on a dealership’s floor plan or an individual customer’s policy.

Hail doesn’t discriminate. It falls anywhere or everywhere. On a dealers inventory, on neighborhood streets and shopping mall parking lots. Dent Tech can help capitalize on that opportunity and create a new profit center for the dealership.

Bell says, Dent Tech can help set up a hail damage repair program and inform vehicle owners in the affected areas that the dealership is in the hail repair business. “Because insurance companies try to steer hail claims to their preferred shops,we will work with the dealer, using proven marketing strategies, to generate leads and create customer retention”. He notes that in a highly competitive market place offering customers more options, in-house, can help a dealer stand out.

“Dent Tech presented aggressive advertising strategies that meshed with our own and together we blitzed marketing campaigns that generated an impressive amount of sales,” says CEO George Badanai of Badanai Motors in Thunder Bay where the dealer has a strong community presence.

“We can design a program to fit any dealership with or without a body shop; a small town family dealer or a big city powerhouse” says Bell.

Parkway Honda, located in Toronto ON. has been a Dent Tech client for 21 years. “I was amazed at how many clients the campaigns drew to our Dealership. There were many residual benefits of repairing these clients vehicles far beyond the enormous profit it generated over a very short period of time. The process was seamless and one that I would recommend to any of my fellow dealers ” says Parkway Honda President, Bryndon Davies.

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