Dave Angove

To whom it may concern,

After a large hail storm in the Thunder Bay area on April l0th, 2011, our dealership and body shop were overrun with calls from customers with hail damaged vehicles. Although we had many choices in selecting a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) partner, we chose to work with Dent Tech Inc. because of their service record and professional manner.

Dent Tech was onsite within hours of the storm to offer assistance, They managed a mass number of appraisals, had an action plan to handle the volume of calls and facilitated an immediate Paintless Dent Repair program, reducing rental times and getting our customers back on the road as soon as possible. Dent Tech and their staff were knowledgeable and professional and their workmanship exceptional. They turned an overwhelming situation into a manageable and profitable venture from which all departments of our dealership could benefit. They helped us manage hail repairs for not only for our loyal customer base but also help to capture new customers from the area.

I would highly recommend the services of Dent Tech Inc. to Dealerships, Body shops and Insurance companies alike, as their expertise and experience, friendly, professional service and quality workmanship often exceeded my expectations.


Dave Angove
Body Shop Manager