George Badanai

To Whom it May Concern,

In the Spring of 2011, Thunder Bay was hit with a catastrophic hail storm, damaging thousands of vehicles in the area. Although our inventory at Badanai Motors was not affected, many of my customers were, Larissa Nessler and Warren Bell of Dent Tech Inc. approached us about creating a retail Hail Damage Repair department to service the Paintless Dent Repair needs of our customers and others in the area We agreed and embarked on a profitable adventure with Dent Tech Inc.

Based on their previous successes with other dealers, Dent Tech presented aggressive advertising strategies that meshed with our own and together we blitzed radio, newspaper and mail-out campaigns that generated an impressive amount of sales through our service drive thru, body shop and even trickled into the parts and sales departments

Dent Tech’s staff integrated themselves into our dealership, worked within our existing systems and managed the Hail Repair department allowing us to continue with business as usual. They managed all calls, appraisals, acted as insurance liaisons for every customer and facilitated all repairs with professionalism, timeliness and expertise,
Their workmanship during repairs was second to none and all around our experience with Dent Tech was a positive one.

Dent Tech helped Badanai Motors to capitalize on a profitable opportunity and I would highly recommend their services to other dealers faced with inventory damage or otherwise.


George Badanai