Pat Watts

To Whom It May Concern,

Following a severe hailstorm that passed through the Petawawa area in July of 1999, our inventory at Michael Motors Ford had extensive hail damage on 168 new and used cars. After filing a claim with our insurance company MIC (Motors Insurance Company) GM past floor planning company, Dent Tech Inc., the preferred vendor, was dispatched to demonstrate the new PDR process. We were amazed by the PDR technology and that the damage could be repaired without having to be repainted as in the past hailstorms we had experienced. Dent Tech’s hail team was set up on site, completing appraisals for MIC and began repairing our cars immediately. The communication that the Dent Tech team provided was key in allowing Michael Motors to resume business as usual during the repair process.

In June 2013, our Father dealership, Butler GM experienced another hailstorm that resulted in severe hail damage on a much larger scale. Having the knowledge, experience and working relationship from the prior storm made it an easy decision to once again contact Warren Bell and the professionals at Dent Tech Inc. We filed our claim with Ally Insurance and again the preferred vendor was Dent Tech Inc. They were set up onsite within 24 hours and worked swiftly. We suffered damage to 300 vehicles that amounted to 1.5 million dollars in damages. Once again Warren Bell and the Dent Tech team instilled confidence and moral within our dealership allowing Butler GM to continue business as usual. Our claim was managed smoothly, our repairs made within 90 days and again our claim completed. With Butler GM being a sales and service oriented business, being paired with the right vendors and insurers is imperative for a smooth claim process and allows us to resume everyday business. We highly recommend Dent Tech Inc. for appraisal and PDR services.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Pat Watts
General Manager